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Gisborne Exhibition of 100 Days Artists

100 Days Show - Gisborne sees 8 artists from this region and their projects from 2016, with some artists adding works from previous years’ 100 day projects. The show kicks off with a group exhibition, followed by solo exhibitions by each individual artist. For some exhibitors, workshops for children and in gallery art demonstrations may accompany these exhibitions.

Group Exhibition, 23 June - 16July

Solo Exhibitions:  

Katarina & Mary Reedy, 50 artworks + 50 poems in between, 19 July-6 Aug

Terangi Roimata Kutia-Tataurangi, Toimaikuku - Māori nail art, 9-27 Aug

Todd Sheridan, Just Draw, 30 Aug-17 Sept

Jo Tito, @wonderingearth, 20 Sep – 8 Oct

Sarah Kane-Matete, 100 contemporary tattoo designs, 11 Oct – 29 Oct

Julia Hennessy – Myopia 1 Nov – 19 Nov

Lina Marsh, 100 Hei Tiki + 100 Songs, 22 Nov – 10 Dec

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Founded in 2011 the 100 Days Project is an annual event that runs (you guessed it!) for 100 consecutive days. The brainchild of this project (New Zealand graphic designer Emma Rogan) says, ‘In order to survive this 100 Day marathon you need to be disciplined, have creative flexibility and lots and lots of energy’. Other than  two simple rules - choose one creative activity to repeat every day for 100 days, and record each daily effort – there is no skill pre-requisite, no age restriction, no fees and you can participate from anywhere in the world.