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100 Days Of Observing Divine Beauty

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At the end of 2015 my wife Wendy and I embarked on a mid-life adventure - moving to Europe from NZ. For my 100 days project I plan to post pictures, captions and quotes, reflecting the beauty I have discovered here in my new home. Sometimes the photos will be new. Other days I may curate a moment, a day, or a theme from pictures taken over the past 18 months. My project is inspired by John O'Donoghue's "Divine Beauty", a book which speaks of the secret wisdom of creation expressed in the ever present beauty that surrounds us. - Alastair Thompson 22nd May 2017


Day 5 - Ascension Day Heatwave Hits Glasgow

[ Today's photo album >> ] The hottest place on Ascension Day in the United Kingdom was in Scottish Highlands, 28 degrees - and even down here in Glasgow – the gateway to the highlands – it was a very balmy 25. There is talk of the heatwave breaking the May record of 30.9 degrees set back in 2012. When it was forecast earlier in the week locals said they would "believe it when it happens". But this evening it was definitely t-shirt only weather as we walked through the Botanic Gardens and Dowanhill to attend the Ascension Day feast celebrations at St Peter's Parish Church in Partick. Twas a grand evening to promenade. Today's cover image for my 100 Days Project was taken on the bridge over the Kelvin River on our way home. A heron had just come over our heads flying nearly silently down-stream towards Glasgow University and Kelvingrove Museum. The juxtaposition of the two leaves and light streaming through them seemed to capture perfectly the spirit of seeing beauty in the everyday that John O'Donohue is writes about in his book "Divine Beauty". The change we have seen in the past three weeks in our neighbourhood as Spring has arrived in splendour has been most beautiful - and the endless evening light is perfect for capturing it.