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100 Days Of Observing Divine Beauty

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At the end of 2015 my wife Wendy and I embarked on a mid-life adventure - moving to Europe from NZ. For my 100 days project I plan to post pictures, captions and quotes, reflecting the beauty I have discovered here in my new home. Sometimes the photos will be new. Other days I may curate a moment, a day, or a theme from pictures taken over the past 18 months. My project is inspired by John O'Donoghue's "Divine Beauty", a book which speaks of the secret wisdom of creation expressed in the ever present beauty that surrounds us. - Alastair Thompson 22nd May 2017


Day 9 - Glasgow's Punga Forest

[Today's Album >> ] Also sweltering in the heat here in Glasgow last week were a collection of Punga Trees - which enjoy pride of place in one of the Glasgow Botanic Garden's hot houses. The collection includes specimens of the genus from all over the world from South America, to the Himalayas to New Zealand. There is something remarkably beautiful about ferns, especially when they are in the midst of unfurling themselves.