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Aafje Schreuder

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I am an 11 year old and this is what I am doing the 100 day project about. The Horizon That is what my project is all about. The place where the land meets the sky.


I always wonder : what type of place would the world be if we didn't exist? There are many thoughts that ponder in the back of my mind, but that one has always seemed to stick out more than others, because would it change the sun and the moon, or would animals still be going extinct when we have no part in their lives? The question always agitates me somehow but at the same time it gets me thinking.

I always wonder

We always have a question that sticks out to us _ but it's up to us whether we choose to ignore it _ or make it thrive within us _ until we focus on finding the answer _ even if there isn't a legitimate answer _ or is that what makes us thrive to find the answer?