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Aafje Schreuder

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I am an 11 year old and this is what I am doing the 100 day project about. The Horizon That is what my project is all about. The place where the land meets the sky.


The moon's long pearl-white beams of light, have always been my soul's guidence that I feel the most connection to. The way it settles in the sky with anticipation has always been the way I believed that I would be alright. The curvature always sparking me with the eager feeling to go, and live. Live a life that's worth living.

Live A Life

We all have a life to live _ even if we feel like we aren't worth anything sometimes _ but we all are worth something _ and we can't let thoughts get in the way of the truth _ because the truth is what we all seek _ when we need to seek but live at the same time _ and not seek to live _ but is seeking the best option at a given time? Or do we believe what we are told and live a life full of belief?