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Mosaics x 100

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My goal is to have 100 mosaics completed by the end of the 100 days. I will be completing at least one stage of the process below per day. Some days I maybe working on 2 or 3 different items at different stages. I have a new range of house and letterbox numbers that I want to start on, this will ensure I reach my goal of 100 items within 100 days and also have sufficient stock on hand. I have decided to break my project up into mini goals / stages as per below as mosaics need to be done in stages. Glue, grout, painting and sealing needs time to dry. Stage 1 - I will be preparing the substrate of the mosaic. Stage 2 - The fun part - mosaicing. Stage 3 - I will grout the mosaic Stage 4 - I will be painting and sealing the completed mosaic. I will be updating my project regularly with photos, if there is anything you would like to purchase or something special you would like made you can email me at or visit my website