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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


I want to see orcas blowing rainbows, not buy age-reversing cream

I want to laugh at the dog shaved for summer, not buy a new car

I want to watch kittens in boxes, not buy paste for sensitive teeth

I want to listen to a new track, not buy funeral insurance


I want to see people being pranked on someone else's phone

I want to see an operation with nothing pixellated

I want to see spots being squeezed and not be judged as creepy

I want to see nonstop pratfalls, in handy compilation form


Right now, I want to watch a fire burn across a city

Right now, I want to watch a perfect storm destroy an island

I want to watch the carnage moments after the attack took place

I want to watch the dusty faces look inside the bomb blast crater


Each voyeuristic moment takes its toll – one soul's the fee

Each small endorphin frisson says: despicable, privileged me.

Day 23 Sonnet to clickbait

Well, this didn't end up as jolly as it began.