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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


Along with the regulars several

new poets, one an older woman

with a folder and a piece about

the homeless on Auckland streets.

Then a pair of slight young men

dashing through their lyrical rhymes

about women and children and

the burdens of adult life, no scripts.

Another new guy's rhyming plea

for the Treaty and unity plus

a regular's serious entreaty for

us not to discuss important things

alongside another's hilarious

listing of things that made him

an unbearable bastard but

only convinced us to love him

even more, and his brother

who this time wrote down some

innermost musings of a pretty

existential nature – and of course

Mike sold a bunch of Low Life books

which was the idea of the evening

as well as poetry, and signed

copies wearing his gang

patch hoodie as featured on

the front cover – two people read

an extract from the story about

the tranny and the cathedral

and it all ended with Ant doing

a bit of stand-up that made us

think he might succeed after all

when he moves down to the city.

On the way home low fog patches

fuzzed the cold road ahead and I

had the sensation of the car's

headlights hoovering them up

eating all the way so I felt

sated and when I got out the sky

was bristling with stars and

the moon just off-centre starting

to wane and I heard Europe calling

from the middle of next week.

Day 52 Book launch

Two degrees is unusually cold around these parts.