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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


Here's me wondering about

the worldful of ten botanicals

that make this a uniquely

tantalising smooth complex

elegant light spicy finish

Vapour Infusion and all

while reading IT IS SAFEST


It's just as well to be sure

even if it's a secret 1761 recipe

Made In England

and all danger's past

for me apart from the obvious

40% alcohol and my penchant for

written seductions: ginepro

and giaggiolo from Italy

almendras and cáscara de limón

from Spain then from Morocco

across the water: scented budhur alkazbirv

Angelikawurzel from Saxony sounding

almost sexy like liquorice from China

rolled-up cassia scrolls from Indochina

and two kinds of pepper that bring

me up short: the Melegueta pepper

from West Africa (ginger family) seems to have

medicinal properties for wild lowland gorillas

which they miss in captivity and most surprisingly

the Cubeb peppercorn from Java which

lost out to black pepper in the 1600s but which is now

'the peppercorn of the hipster chef and home cook as

this particular berry is still totally underground.'

The mysteries of the spice wars and rumbles of

distant colonialisms and fleets embodied

in the fanciful bejewelled name

in the blue-and-gold insignia

of a sour-faced old queen

fronting the pale blue squared-off bottle.

Which is empty.

Day 53 Imported

Juniper berries make me think of cows and mountains.