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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


On one flank, dazzling green meadows billow

upwards to fringes of soft hazel and birchwoods

that politely give way at the foot of rocky cliffs

to the larches and firs whose dense spikes

thin out to ethereal vagueness

at the upper reaches where clouds take over

the serious business of hiding the true loft

and mass of the frowning mountain

from the upper deck she tries to glimpse the top

sees only mist and twists her neck staring up.


On the other flank, the meadows part

and flow around balconied wooden

farmhouses, pink and red flower troughs

slung around their sides, a scatter of grazing

brown cows over there a small family group of bison

a sight incongruous enough in this implausible

Elysian idyll to remind her to turn the Memrise app

back on and keep practising the lilting language

soon to be even further outside her comfort zone

making art with strangers in a castle south of Rome.

Day 68 Trying to learn Italian on the train

There's an app for everything.