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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


A. walked into neo-Byzantine Savini

at the Criterion Piccadilly Circus

 just for cocktails under the gold ceiling

glittering chandeliers marble columns

C. in her element and 4 table napkins

were delivered with spoon and fork

alongside 2 sours 1 gin martini 1 Rusty Nail


S. (not present) had suggested Kiln

the 4 of us squeezed in downstairs

a tin spoon a fork a small plate each

a glass of cloudy Tangerine Dream

12 little dishes later almost drunk

on aromatic Thai chili fresh mint and oh

those richly curried cockles in the shell.


M. looked up tea/dessert and a few

Soho streets on we spotted Yumchaa

on the corner sniffed our way through

almost every tea option and chose

1 Lapsang 1 Oolong 1 Egyptian 1 Genmai

1 oversweet green Matcha cake to share

1 photo of 2 heads together


Tomorrow as we fly we'll check

our phones for last night's photos

already unreal the 2 ahead laughing

arms around each others' waists

striding through archways

of scaffolding sailing through

alleys piled high with garbage bags

Day 87 Tonight

Altogether magic.